Dowager Restoration







Splash! she's floating! Anxious Cayuga Wooden Boatworks folks climb aboard looking for a flood of water that never comes. As expected there is some leakage around the keel aft. But with a day or so in the water the white oak will swell and these leaks will stop. The shore power pumps are left aboard but not needed.




DOWAGER feeling at home in a slip at

Cayuga Wooden Boatworks.






Five hours after launch the DOWAGER left the launch slip under her own power and was tied in under cover next to the WHITE CAP, a 62 year old Richardson sedan cruiser owned and operated by the author and photographer of this web site's DOWAGER material. Several days later the DOWAGER was taken on a ten mile shake down cruise on Cayuga Lake. Despite the fog and light rain that persisted that day the maiden voyage of the reborn DOWAGER went smoothly. She handled and performed with the grace, comfort and dignity that can only be found in well designed and built wooden boats. There is still some final work to be done over the winter. By launch time next spring she will be ready for another 70 or more years of safe, comfortable cruising.





Photo by - Renee Brescia

The Dowager - underway and doing what she does best,

look beautiful while gliding through  the water


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Near Completion  Moving out of the shop  Ready to Launch  In the water



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