Dowager Restoration



Old age and iron fastenings had also taken their toll on the keel resulting in a decision to replace it in it's entirety with one of a white oak/epoxy laminate.



But before removing the keel, the boat was braced and supported to it's original lines taken from the builder's lofting plans of 1930.




The keel was removed to the loft where it will be duplicated in white oak/epoxy laminate.







Here it was used as a pattern to fabricate a new one of selected white oak stock laminated with WEST epoxy.







This shows ribs sawn off allowing the forward section of the keel to be removed.





The Dowager's keel was slightly hogged, badly checked, cracked, and rotted in some areas. The entire keel had to be replaced. All ribs for the forward section were cut off flush with the keel. The entire keel section was then removed and lifted to the shop loft with the help of the overhead hoist and trolley







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Near Completion  Moving out of the shop  Ready to Launch  In the water